My necklaces come on either a traditional link-style box chain, or a flexible cable-style omega chain. Some considerations when selecting a size…

Box Chain - This is a version of a typical link-style chain that most people are familiar with. It hangs in a “V” shape and sits lower than an omega chain of the same length. It should be fairly easy to determine the size by measuring the length of an existing necklace that matches the desired fit. I can make these necklaces in any length, and am happy to change the length if it doesn’t fit as desired.

Omega Chain - While still flexible, the omega chain will maintain a more circular form when wearing, and therefore sits higher than a link-style chain of the same length. To determine an appropriate size I find it’s best to take whatever would be a comfortable length in a link chain and add an inch for the omega chain. Also note that many pendants that are designed for the omega chain extend above the chain, which might require a longer length to compensate. Overall I find that 17” and 18” are the most popular lengths for my work that features an omega chain. Also, I am happy to swap out the chain for a different size if the piece doesn’t fit as desired.


The rings I make typically fall into one of four categories: standard round shank, square shank, flat top, or double finger. Some considerations when selecting a size…

Round - These make up most of the rings I offer and are sized just like any round ring. There are a variety of ring gauges available online ranging from paper versions you can print out, to adjustable plastic ones, to full sets like jeweler would use. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of some of those, but would say that the best way to determine the size (if not already known) is to have a jeweler or jewelry store sales person take a quick size for you. My round shank pieces have a comfort fit band which means that the inside of the ring is domed so that it slips more easily on and off. I offer these rings in full and half size increments, just make a note at checkout if you want a custom or half size.

Square - Some of my collections (eg. Node) feature a ring with a shank that is a rounded square. Although somewhat unusual, these rings are actually quite comfortable. There is a little more leeway in sizing these as they don’t require as exact a fit as the round shanks. I offer these in full size increments only.

Flat Top - Collections like Sprout feature rings with a “D” shaped shank which is curved on the underside and flat on the top. The fit and sizing on these is somewhere between the standard and square shanked rings. These also are not exacting in their fit requirements, and I offer them in full size increments.

Double Finger - These are almost always a variation on the flat top style, just elongated to encompass two fingers. Typically these are worn on the middle finger with either the ring or index finger as the second. The sizing on these is determined by the larger of the two fingers it will sit on. 

Resizing - Since we won’t always get it right the first time, with each ring purchase I offer one complementary re-size within 30 days of purchase. (postage additional)