Branding Update!

July 27, 2023

Branding Update!

If you’ve purchased anything from me recently your new jewelry arrived in some new packaging! I’ve been wanting to update my packaging for a while now, but it was always something on the back burner waiting for motivation to tackle it. Well it turns out that when your design software (looking at you Adobe) decides to stop supporting your current brand typeface you find some motivation to make a change.

I’ve alway liked the kraft paper boxes I’ve been using, but was never sold on the various methods of applying a logo to them, stamping, stickers, etc. And I also wanted a solution that would keep the boxes from opening accidentally which is concern both with shipping work and handing work off to customers at an art festival. Enter the humble belly band! (yes that’s what they’re called in the packaging industry).

The band definitely keeps the box closed and allows for an expanded area to add branding design elements. 

Logo update

As I mentioned, my original typeface was being phased out so I looked far and wide for a replacement that looked current but with a little nod to mid-century modern graphic design. I’m not usually a big fan of all caps fonts, but I think the one I chose fit the bill. I kept my original MS logo as it is also what is on my hallmark stamp that is hammered into the back of my jewelry pieces. I did switch the circle color to a tomato red from the original yellow-green.

In addition to the updated logo the belly bands feature a custom “wallpaper” pattern made up of simple graphics representing all of the various jewelry collections I make. An earlier version of this appears on my website pup-up window for the Studio Insiders signup.

All of those elements are printed on a thick, 100% recycled kraft paper stock which I think plays well off of the lighter kraft boxes. I’m still working on some new ideas for related collateral materials like earring cards etc. and I’ll be sure to post an update when they are finally ready.

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